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At Play & Learn Day Care, we know that every moment with an infant is precious. 

That's why we provide a warm and nurturing atmosphere with home-like amenities to allow your infant to feel loved and secure. Our dedicated and experienced staff adheres to your baby’s on demand schedule to maintain consistency between home and school. 

We are committed to providing the healthiest environment possible. We have strict policies in place to ensure all Infant surroundings are sanitary and safe. 

Our centers implement a superior curriculum beginning in our Infant classrooms. Baby sign language for words like "milk" and "more," are also used so our infants can communicate in a frustration-free manner with caregivers. 

This curriculum is designed to expose infants to experiences that will promote and enhance:
  • Language development — using books, songs and activities that match your child’s development level.
  • Cognitive development — using activities like peekaboo, hunt and find, and shape-sorting toys.
  • Motor Skill development — grasping toys, tummy time, and toys to push and pull around the room.
  • Sensory development — touching items with various textures and feeling materials in the sensory bin.
  • Rest and nap time.
Developed for active pre toddlers and early three year olds, our toddler curriculum offers plenty of hands-on activities where children learn through play. "Weekly" themes encourage problem solving, language development, creativity and self-esteem. Each classroom has distinct learning centers which include: blocks, dramatic play, math & science, sensory, manipulative, gross motor, music and creative art. 

We also concentrate on potty training and self-help skills with older toddlers. 

There’s no doubt that they’re a bundle of energy. But at Play & Learn Day Care Center, we welcome that energy and excitement because we know that it’s a natural part of growth and learning. We’ll channel that energy into:
  • Motor Skill Development — outdoor games, dancing, movement.
  • Language Development — recognizing and forming letters, story time, speech.
  • Sensory Development — textures, understanding the senses, descriptive activities.
  • Imaginative Development — arts and crafts, dramatic play, storytelling.
  • Social Development — large- and small-group activities, sharing, politeness.
Play & Learn Day Care Center utilizes a carefully-planned, hands-on program from our certified Texas school ready Pre-K curriculum. Our teachers plan developmentally appropriate small group interactions to work closely with your child to assure mastery of developmental tasks. Your child will also participate in large group activities to explore concepts and enjoy early literacy experiences.
  • Motor Skill Development — hands-on activities, outdoor play, tossing, catching.
  • Cognitive Development — puzzles, games, recognizing shapes, numbers, colors.
  • Language Development — reading, recognizing and forming letters, storytelling.
  • Artistic Development — art projects, construction projects, dramatic play.
Our Program is designed to provide a strong foundation for children, preparing them for Pre-K and beyond. Positive social skills and self-help skills are essential for success in their future academic careers. Children in this program are encouraged to practice many self-help skills, such as dressing themselves, using the restroom and serving themselves at meals.
In our Pre-K Program, children conquer new skills and practice learned skills in preparation for their next academic endeavor. Aware of the elementary content expectations, our Texas Readiness Certification Pre-K curriculum provides extra attention to core subjects including math and language arts. Having a school readiness focus, teachers monitor each child’s development and work with children individually to prepare them for Kindergarten, school and life. In this year, our child care will focus on:
  • Kindergarten Prep — letters, words, rhyming, numbers, early science and math concepts.
  • Imaginative Development — arts and crafts, dramatic play, storytelling.
  • Social Development — interaction, cooperation, helping others.
  • Physical Development — indoor and outdoor play, games, dancing.
Our Centers also offer "Pre-K Plus,” Play & Learns enrichment program for children who attend public half-day Pre-kindergarten elsewhere. Parents can take advantage of before-school care and / or after-school care. Transportation is available to and from Elementary Schools in the Harlingen and San Benito area.
Our After School Program provides a safe and stimulating environment for school age children five to thirteen years of age. The After School Program provides fun, physical activities, combined with homework help, electronic and board games as well as other opportunities to expand each child's knowledge in core subjects . Our goal is to foster an exciting atmosphere where children will acquire a positive self image, social skills to build creativity, imagination and self awareness. Transportation is provided to and from local schools at many of our locations.

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